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"Here at Texas A&M University Residence Life, we have been happy to partner with Bonfire as its platform has helped us connect quickly with our on-campus students. We strive to create a sense of home and treat our on-campus students as family, and we believe Bonfire has helped us connect with our students like family. We are excited for the transition to Bonfire CRM and look forward to our continued partnership."

"One of the things we love about Bonfire is their dedication to providing a great overall user experience with their platform. Historically, we have been pleased to partner with Bonfire because their messaging is the blueprint for the industry. That’s why we are excited for their next chapter to see how they will continue to grow."

“Just as with most businesses, the sales process must continue with multiple touchpoints to help ensure your product or brand stays at the front of the buyers’ mind. We want to stay in touch in the easiest way possible, so when they are ready to commit and make a purchase, we are just a text away.”

“Our partnership with Bonfire CRM has taken our marketing to a new level by allowing bulk or personal text messaging online or on a mobile device. Given that the instant open rate of text messages is around 98%, being able to get in front of prospects or residents in a format that suites them is important. Bonfire has given our partnership a unique chance to grow as we continue to work together to ensure that every inspiration turns into an opportunity for brand awareness or conversion.”

“Over the years, I have had a chance to see Bonfire, previously IRIO, evolve and grow. Through this time, even as they innovated, there has also remained a constancy of purpose and dedication to great service and a commitment to always seek solutions for our business needs. I’m excited to see this next chapter and beyond for Bonfire!”

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Generate Leases.

Core Features

Launch outbound campaigns with SMS and Email Marketing. Handle inbound leads with AI. Raise follow-up to 100%. Boost lead-to-lease rates to as high as 70%.

Outbound SMS and Email Marketing

Increase conversion with personalized mass texting and email campaigns optimized for conversations. Even the ones that require translation.

Conversational AI

Assist your team by activating AI to handle responses, create tasks, update lead information, or even schedule tours.

Automated Tour Scheduling

Reduce back and forth with the ability to schedule tours based on agent availability. Less steps means higher conversion.

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