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Transformation is not possible, it's necessary.

by Bonfire Team

The Vision

2020 was a year of reckoning. Change or die. It forced us to re-evaluate. To assess our true value to the market. Were we doing everything we could? Our former business, IRIO, specialized in SMS communication - it was a need for a while, but post-2020, the market needed something else.

Simplicity. Culture. Connection.

In 2020, a vision was cast. Property management, an industry burdened with complexity and archaic forms of connection. Our one desire was to create a platform that would help property managers, who struggle to get through each day. Property managers who have quotas to meet and residents to please. There isn’t time for what’s expected and the demands are perpetually inconsistent.

But how could we help property managers? How could we help them while the market is shifting toward more and more automation that could one day replace them? Perhaps, there is a way where automation can help them. Where people, happiness, and connection are prioritized through automation. allowing property managers to discover simplicity, build culture, and spark connection within each community.

There was a way - but it was a path that did not yet exist.

We know property management software exists to simplify operations, but does housing every solution needed in one place accomplish that goal? If you don’t know the answer to that, then you are likely not a property manager. The solution is segmentation - multiple softwares that are good at ONE thing, all communicating with one another, all improving each other.

In light of the old way, we asked ourselves - what is the new way? The path to empowering property managers. The solution this industry must discover.

The answer. A centralized CRM for property management.

The Characters

The Journey

Act One

Burn the Ships

In 2019, we knew an end was coming to what we did as IRIO. The lifecycle was reaching an end, and it was time to make a major decision. Burn the ships. After surviving the stormy chaos of 2020 and crash landing upon an unrecognizable property management industry, it was decided. We let the past die and had to set a new course in this uncharted territory.

Act Two

Set the Course

It was our Chief Product Officer, Taylor Davis, who saw the need for this solution many years ago. A centralized CRM for property management.

“It became clear that property managers and corporate teams were not in sync. A platform needed to exist that would bring teams together around a prospective resident or existing tenant.”

The path was set. And next, came the team that made the vision a reality.

Act Three

Walk the Path

While the platform is essential to our mission, we believe it’s the people that make the difference. Which is part of the reason we brought John Bower back, the former Managing Director of IRIO. Personally, John is driven by a desire to help people live well, integrating work, home, relationships and passion.

“I’ve found whatever work I am doing I have a natural bent helping people discover clarity around vision and purpose all through a relational mindset. I hope to bring that sense of clarity into the multifamily space as well.”

As we continue this path, we plan to change property management for the better. To make it a place that it wasn’t before.

Our Proven Process

Basic Training.
Property Setup.
Conversion Tool Setup.
User Setup.
Campaign Automation Setup.

Intermediate Training.

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Together, we can bring light to dark places through giving. The Bonfire CRM team has joined with non-profit partners that benefit and support local communities.  Our aim is to not only give financially - we intend to give our time, resources, and technology to help these communities in need.

How we do this is by supporting organizations that embody our core values of simplicity, culture, and connection. We select these nonprofits carefully, they must meet the core values criteria, and they must also be community focused. Local is key. Through the support of our customers AND their customers, we are able to give. This is how:

  • We donate ten dollars for every one community we serve. We call it Ten for One™.
  • We commit hands-on work with these communities to assist in their development.
  • We offer free-access to our CRM platform for fundraising, growth, and management of the mission.

The current "light community" we work with is a project close to home - Bonton Farms. Located in Dallas, Texas - Bonton Farms is dedicated to rebuilding a struggling community through simplicity and innovation. We support their cause and they utilize our platform for fundraising and awareness. You can learn more about their mission here.

If you'd like to apply to become a "light community" or are close to a mission you feel would be a good fit - please reach out to us!

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