our story

Transformation is not possible, it's necessary.

by Bonfire Team

The Vision

At Bonfire, we believe in transformation through technology. That by growing together, we can innovate and overcome "the old way" to explore something new, something simple, that connects all of us no matter where we are.

The Leaders

What is Bonfire?

Who We Are


Bonfire is a centralized marketing platform designed to increase leads through outreach and improve occupancy through enhanced communication.

Why We Do It.


No more logging into multiple platforms to run a campaign. No more mass-clicking to send a message. No more hand-offs or follow-up nudging. Make marketing simple. Get more leads. Improve occupancy.

There is a simpler way. We provide it.

How We Help


Our mission is to help property management companies centralize marketing across their portfolio with "top of funnel" solutions like email marketing, SMS marketing, marketing automation, and leasing AI. In short, we leverage property management software integrations to save teams time and increase productivity.

Our Proven Process

Basic Training.
Property Setup.
Conversion Tool Setup.
User Setup.
Campaign Automation Setup.

Intermediate Training.

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