April 10, 2024

"Around the Bonfire" Podcast Episode 3


John Bower


Chief Executive Officer

I had the privilege of doing a podcast with Lt. Col. (and SVP of Marketing & Community Services at Irvine Company) on leadership. In our conversations over the years, I noticed how present and forthright he was. Having spent over a decade in the Marines and then transitioning to Irvine, leadership seems to be part of his DNA. 

Having started our Around the Bonfire podcast, we wanted to bring relevant, industry specific content. However, with Dan, I wanted to do something a bit different and hoped his story would give both an example and encouragement for aspiring leaders. 

One of my favorite parts was when Dan spoke about the anxiety of any work system and how leaders can either contribute to it or help bring calm and clarity. Hope you find some examples in your own journey towards leadership.

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John Bower, CEO of Bonfire

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