March 15, 2023

Launching Bonfire


John Bower


Chief Executive Officer

After months of behind the scenes work, we are ready to announce that IRIO is now Bonfire CRM! As you can well imagine, the transition from IRIO to Bonfire was a grind. The planning… the meetings… and the details (and if you know me I am not a fan of details) are all coming to fruition. And today we hope to perk your attention as we knock on the door of the CRM market, funneling a new path forward as Bonfire CRM. 

Where We’ve Been 

As I’ve written previously, I came on to help IRIO transition to Bonfire CRM. Like all of us, the company had to figure out how to operate in this new world COVID created. At the time, the leadership began to think through how to evolve and change while communicating with customers, striving to remain agile and responsive to their needs. 

And it was about that time, I came back into the picture. Working with the Board, I asked probing questions and together we strategized a new path forward. As we processed, it became evident what was next as the internal vision driving our CPO, Taylor Davis and the external needs of our customers aligned. It was time to burn the ships and embrace this new vision by becoming Bonfire CRM. 

Bonfire CRM

During this time, with a little help from EOS, it became clear who our primary customers are: property managers. At the same time, a new name and identity emerged, a new “whycrystalized. Our heartbeat is to empower property managers, by giving them a platform that simplifies work and enables them to build a home and community for their residents. Therein lies a reason for the new name, Bonfire. Much like when friends and neighbors gather around a fire, we believe technology is best when it helps facilitate community and connection, which is exactly what our property managers are trying to do. We know the suits sign our checks and approve budgets, yet the property managers are the ones we serve daily and the ones we hope to make the hero at their work. They are charged with cutting costs, raising rents, all the while creating homes for people to live in (not to mention creating a whole vibe that is on brand). And we want to champion our customers. 

Our Bread & Butter

I’ve just about wrapped up what we’ve affectionately named internally as the CEO Roadshow. Whether on Zoom or in person, our team has worked to keep our current customers abreast of the changes. And one of the questions has been, “what do these changes mean for us?” I am happy to report, our bread and butter, in outbound SMS and email messaging is the foundation of this change. And being a glass-half-full kinda guy, I wanted to know if what IRIO brought to the market years ago was as solid and strong as it was when I first worked here. After hearing from our customers (and future customers), and hearing about the other CRM’s and messaging platforms, I’m convinced IR… er… Bonfire’s messaging is the best in the industry. 

One of our highest performers, 848 Mitchell

Where We’re Going

We’ve recently launched our Task Manager and Deal’s Page (think Guest Card) which will allow that full transformation into a CRM. And while there is more in the pipeline that I will not disclose here (I don’t want our competitors or PMS getting any ideas), we continue to work on our integrations as we work to simplify the tech stack in our industry. While we are turning a huge page, we have more work to do and are hopeful for the future. 

Our Current Customers 

As I mentioned, our primary customers are found in the multifamily industry. However, we do have customers ranging from non-profit organizations, to retail, universities and restaurants. Our primary marketing focus will drive us to the multifamily industry and our heart to empower and simplify the work life of these customers will still drive us forward. Our team will keep you updated on the changes as each one is released. 

Finally, to each customer, I simply want to say “thank you.” Thank you for trusting us, sharing your insights (even when it is tough to hear), and giving me an opportunity to lead this transition to Bonfire CRM.  

See you around, 

JS Bower

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